Stem Program

Afro Canadian Development has initiated the STEM Program in collaboration with MakerKids for children and youths since January 2023. This program would not have been possible without the generous contributions of the CIBC Foundation. We are immensely grateful to the Foundation for believing in our vision and having faith in our STEM Project.

“Helping build a world without limits to ambition is a key focus of CIBC Foundation, and we are proud to partner with Afro Canadian Development Inc. providing children and youth access to STEM programs. Connecting children to these resources today may pave the way to future opportunities in the technology industry.”

  • Ronan Ryan, Executive Director, CIBC Foundation

Under this program, we offer free Coding, Robotics and Minecraft sessions.

Coding: In today’s tech-savvy world, coding is an essential language to learn. Given the growing need for STEM professionals, learning to code from a young age is a surefire way to stand out in today’s cutthroat job market. Our coding session aims to build coding skills in children and youths through fun and engaging coding sessions.

Robotics: Robotics sessions introduce and educate children and youth on the fundamentals of robotics and equip them with the essentials they need to create their own robots.

Minecraft: In our Minecraft camp, children and youth will learn the fundamentals of Minecraft, and how computers and servers function and collaborate with each other to make Minecraft even cooler.

For further information or any assistance, please contact our team at

** All the sessions are free**

**Accredited certificates and STEM tool kits will be provided to all the participating children upon completion of the sessions. **

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Participants Testimonials

Thank you all for such an amazing event for letting kids get the exposure to important STEM skills. Loved the event. Loved the staff. Overall very human event, rare to experience these days. Thanks once again team! ❤️🙌

Sweta Sanket

My son and his friend had a really nice time doing robotics. The session booked was STEM for beginners which went well with his age. They also gave a kit to work after this session was done. The staff was friendly and thoughtful. Looking forward to seeing more of these sessions in the future.

Gitu Varghese

My kids really enjoyed the robotics session. The session was organized well and kids were eagerly waiting for the next session. They gave kit to work after this session was done. The staff were friendly and thoughtful. Looking forward to seeing more of these sessions in the future. Kudos to Afro Canadian Development & CIBC Foundation for organizing and providing this opportunity.

Manikandan S

Inspiring team which motivate your kids to learn through different variety of STEM activities ! Nice and professional staff! Glory is a great teacher for robotic class!

Angela Lam

My daughter loves these sessions. It helped her to develop an interest in coding and robotics.

Ismayil Mammadov

The program is an awesome initiative to help kids understand the basics of Robotics. These programs definitely bring more interest and enthusiasm among young kids toward STEM careers.

Vishal G

Thank you for the opportunity given to kids. This program has brought positive changes on my kids by encouraging their creativity and knowledge. Highly appreciate Afro Canadian Development & CIBC Foundation for their contribution in child development.

Nirmala V